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(British, 1885 - 1939)

Jessica Dismorr was a British visual artist who was born in 1885. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Martigues Market 2' sold at Sotheby's London '20th Century British Art' in 2008 for $23,048. There have been Several articles about Jessica Dismorr, including 'The Great English Vortex' written by Juliet Jacques for New Statesman in 2011. The artist died in 1939.

Auction Results

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Jessica Dismorr, Les Baux
Charcoal and ink...
Les Baux
Lot 276
Woolley & Wallis
Jessica Dismorr, Luxembourg Gardens
Pencil and...
Luxembourg Gardens
Lot 91
Bonhams Knightsbridge
Jessica Dismorr, 2 Works: View Over a Continental Town; Scotland
2 Works: View Over a Continental Town; Scotland
Lot 85
Woolley & Wallis
Jessica Dismorr, LES BAUX
pencil, charcoal...
Lot 101
Sotheby's London

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Made In Britain - Sotheby's London
UK / London : Auction
Sotheby's London
Modern & Post-War British Art - Sotheby's London
UK / London : Auction
Sotheby's London

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