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(Korean, 1892 - 1979)

Kim Eun-ho was a Korean visual artist who was born in 1892. Kim Eun-ho has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the SeMA Nam Seoul. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Immortals' sold at Seoul Auction 'The 3rd Autumn-scape ' in 2010 for $38,683. There have been Several articles about Kim Eun-ho, including 'Discovering Korea’s “Hermit Kingdom” Through Its Art' written by Bob Duggan for Big Think in 2014. The artist died in 1979.

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Kim Eun-ho, Hermit under the Pine Tree
Ink and color on...
Hermit under the Pine Tree
Lot 163
Seoul Auction
Kim Eun-ho, Scene Depicting an Old Story
Ink and color on...
Scene Depicting an Old Story
Lot 434
Seoul Auction
Kim Eun-ho, Birds & Flowers
Ink and color on...
Birds & Flowers
Lot 56
Seoul Auction
Kim Eun-ho, Flowers & Birds
Ink and color on...
Flowers & Birds
Lot 57
Seoul Auction

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Discovering Korea’s “Hermit Kingdom” Through Its Art
Big Think / Bob Duggan
The Joseon Dynasty ruled over Korea for more than half a...
Kansong museum to open fall exhibition
The Korea Times / Chung Ah-young
In the tranquil neighborhood in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul,...