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Jeffrey Smart, The Red Warehouse
By Jeffrey Smart
878,400 AUD
Sotheby's Australia, Melbourne
Jeffrey Smart, Radial Road
By Jeffrey Smart
610,000 AUD
Sotheby's Australia, Melbourne
Fred Williams, You Yangs Landscape
By Fred Williams
524,600 AUD
Sotheby's Australia, Melbourne

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Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset talk candidly about their 2013 exhibition Tomorrow, which transformed the Textile Galleries at the V&A Museum into the apartment of a fictional disillusioned architect named Norman Swann. The installation displayed pieces by the artists along with art works and artifacts culled from the V&A’s collection. Visitors were allowed to explore Swann’s apartment as if they were a personal visitor. The site-specific installation showed Elmgreen and Dragset’s love for redefining the way art is presented and experienced.
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