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Gerhard Richter, Wolken (Fenster) (Clouds (Window))
By Gerhard Richter
6,242,500 GBP
Christie's King Street
Sigmar Polke, Indianer mit Adler (Indian with Eagle)
By Sigmar Polke
5,122,500 GBP
Christie's King Street
Peter Doig, The Heart of Old San Juan
By Peter Doig
4,562,500 GBP
Christie's King Street

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Artist Kerry James Marshall speaks with the Smithsonian American Art Museum about taking inspiration from both art history and the history of Africans in America, which he infuses into his paintings. Marshall often paints actual books on this history into his pieces, as a means to invite art world viewers to seek out these books to further their knowledge. Marshall explains his dedication to painting only black figures in his works, as a means to insert African Americans into the art historical setting of a museum.
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