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Dante Gabriel Rossetti, VENUS VERTICORDIA
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti
2,882,500 GBP
Sotheby's London
Isamu Noguchi, The Goodyear Table, for A. Conger Goodyear, Old Westbury, New York
By Isamu Noguchi
4,450,500 USD
Phillips New York, Upper East Side
Kazuo Shiraga, Chijikusei Gotenrai
By Kazuo Shiraga
3,145,000 EUR
Ketterer Kunst Munich

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“Why did you pick this giant space? Well I want to make a giant painting.” In 2012, Laura Owenssought out a studio space, where she could work on an exhibition of paintings, informed by the space itself, and then exhibit those paintings in the same space. In this video, Owens talks about the many things painting can do, the advantages of large surfaces, and the concept of painting as a discrete activity as it moves from studio to exhibition space, a notion she rebels against. Owens’ 12 Paintingsopened in January 2013, and inaugurated the now very active and community minded 356 S. Mission Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Owens’ book, 12 Paintings, published by Ooga Booga press, was recently released.
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