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Richard Prince, Untitled (cowboy)
By Richard Prince
1,145,000 USD
Phillips New York, Upper East Side
Ed Ruscha, Cherry
By Ed Ruscha
665,000 USD
Phillips New York, Upper East Side
Harry Bertoia, Untitled
By Harry Bertoia
550,000 USD
Los Angeles Modern Auctions

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In this video, we visit the celebrated Iranian sculptor Parviz Tanavoli at his West Vancouver studio, where he talks about the influence of poetry on his work and the development of his unique vocabulary for painting and sculpture. Tanavoli is the subject of an Armory Show special presentation on Pier 92 (the Modern section), where 25 of his works from the NYU Art Collection will be on display, co-curated by the Grey Art Gallery’s Director, Lynn Gumpert, and Associate Director, Michèle Wong.
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